I Will Spoil You With Money, If you can Handle Me Rough

I Will Spoil You With Money, If you can Handle Me Rough

Yes, you absolutely read that correctly. This is coming from 42 Years old Vanessa in VI, Lagos state.

If you want to get free instant connections with sugar mommies in Lagos state, then you’re lucky. Because Mrs. Vanessa is looking for a young guy, between the age of 19 years to 39 years old, who is strong, and capable of treating a Woman right.

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Mrs. Vanessa sent a Message to us on Facebook, where she described herself, as a Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Event Host. She is quite a very popular figure in Lagos State. But she is very lonely and needs attention from Younger guys.

I Will Spoil You With Money, If you can Handle Me Rough

Mrs. Vanessa owns 2 Houses in VI, five shops and three SUV’s. She is quite well to do and has lots of money saved. She has a son who is 17 years old, and now in a private University.

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Do you need a sugar mummy in Lagos? Then let me introduce you to Mrs. Vanessa, an ex-wife to top Lagos Businessman. She currently needs a guy who is capable of handling her well in bed. She wrote and I quote below:

“I want to spoil you with my money but give me love and handle me well in bed!”

Are you sure you can do this? She is ready to pay you ₦300,000 per month. Take note, Mrs. Vanessa is a very busy Woman. So even if it’s up to 5 times you guys meet in a month, she will surely pay you the ₦300,000 fee as agreed.

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What she truly wants, is a strong and hot looking guy, who knows how to be discreet, and won’t go ranting about with her pictures on facebook, twitter, Instagram. She wants to date a Matured minded young guy.

Are you Interested? Then apply Below.

Due to so many requests from guys that need Vanessa’s Number, and after her request for a matured minded young guy, I decided that we verify the real guys from those who may want to cheat.

1. To make sure that you are real, use your real name while commenting.
2. You are expected to share a brief description of yourself and what you like doing, hobbies.
3. Share this post on WhatsApp, facebook, twitter and google+, to make us believe you’re real.
4. Finally, simply drop your contact details in your comment, as Mrs. Vanessa herself, will come to pick the guy whose description, she likes the most.


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