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An Armenia woman says she needs a young guy for a serious relationship that will be beneficial to them both. If you have been searching for a sugar mummy in Armenia, then come in.

You can now get and connect with Armenia sugar mommies and get their Whatsapp phone numbers, Email and contact details here.

This beautiful sugar momma name is Vanessa, and she says she want to meet a young vibrant guy that knows how to love, care, pet, pamper a woman the right way. Take note that these are wealthy older women who want to feel young by dating younger guys.

Meet Armenia Sugar Mummy.

Sugar mommy Vanessa sent a message, saying that she is seriously looking for an honest and humble gentleman who is between the ages of 22 years old – 35-years-old who is cheerful, open-minded, funny, honest, always smiling and loves to socialize with others. If you have these qualities, then she wants you to be her companion and lover.

This Armenia sugar mummy is wealthy and works in one of the busiest shopping mall as the manager. This woman is very wealthy and 100% capable of taking good care of you. She will provide anything you need as her lover, but the only requirement is that you will make her happy, content and satisfied.

Introduce Yourself.

Hello Stella, I have been a huge fans of this platform and followed it right from time. I’ve read your testimonies and am sure you can provide my own sugar love for me. My name is Vanessa and I am a 53 years old Businesswoman residing in Armenia.

I am romantic, giving, trustworthy, affectionate and a passionate woman with a vivacious personality. I always love connecting with people and read books on growing businesses. Honestly, this is the same characteristics I need in my man, he should not be perfect, but should be a like-minded gentleman.

Funny enough, when people ask me about my hobbies and I list laughing, they’ll think it’s funny. I love laughing, which is why I watch comedy videos. I love reading, dancing, cooking and exploring new thing. Am always down and ready to ry out new things.

I love sincerity and honesty in a man, because a sincere honest man will rather hurt you with the truth, than comfort you with a lie. I want an honest sincere man who is also humble, fun to be with, open-minded, lively and has a good sense of humor.

More on myself. People have described me as classy, beautiful, etc. But I am fun-loving, charming, adventurous, sweet, cheerful and God-fearing. I always love being myself, no matter the situation I find myself.

Like I said, am 100% open-minded to new ideas and straightforward. I know that there a hundreds of false people out there, but there is no harm in trying, we don’t judge people with the mistakes of others. Which is why I want to connect through this sugar mummy online website.

This Armenia sugar mom is very generous and doesn’t care about your country of Origin, skin color, family background, religion or your past. What she is only interested in, is what the both of you will share and build together if you agree to be with her.


Before connecting with this Armenia sugar momma, you need a contact right? Here is how to get the contact of this wealthy older woman in Armenia. Please take note that we will be adding more wealthy Armenia women Whatsapp numbers here.

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