Madam Katrina in Rivers State Searching for an Honest Sugar Boy

There is absolutely something beautiful about Mrs. Katrina, and that is her forwardness, and saying her mind within mincing words. Mrs Katrina was added to our sugar mummy whatsApp group, where she asked for an honest sugar son, living around Rivers State.

Like we always do, I ask Madam Katrina for short detail about her, her business/occupations and the fee she will be paying to her sugar son. Here’s the message she sent back!

Hey there, my name is Katrina from Imo state, but I currently reside in Port Harcourt, River states Nigeria.

Help connect me with a trustworthy, Good and Handsome boy between the age of 26 to 30 years old. I am married and I am 42 years old, but look quite younger than my age.

I will take good care of my sugar son as far as he is trustworthy and honest in his dealings with me. Truly, the most detestable character I dislike the most is lying. Honestly, I hate liars and guys who are not trustworthy.

However, If I discover that you’re honest and trustworthy, then you’re welcome to be my financial manager.
Are you interested in getting Mrs Katrina phone number for instant connections?

  • Then proceed and drop your details in the comment box.
  • Drop a short description about yourself, hobbies
  • Also share your age, locations and most importantly, drop your phone number in the comment section below.

If Katrina likes you, she will surely get to you through your phone number.

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