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Sugar Mummy Testimony: Steve Finally Got His UK Sugar Mummy HERE

YES! finally, a guy who was connected through this website with his UK sugar mummy has decided to share his testimony here and picture proof.

Here is the message he sent us, and I was excited about how happy he is, and how he remembered that we connected him. Read his story and be motivated.

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I want to use this opportunity to thank the people behind this website, the love they have for this job, and their ability to offer everything for free here on this website. I want to appreciate the admin of for the good work.

Yes, finally, it’s my turn to send in my own testimony and story. I got a UK sugar mummy here in Nigeria with the help of this website. Honestly, words cannot express my happiness. I thought it was a joke when I kept on commenting here and dropping my phone numbers in major posts. I keep following them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and will also share, comment to drop my phone numbers.

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Nothing happened, until one evening when I received a call directly from a British Woman who said; Hi, are you Steve from


I quickly remembered that I had several times, submitted my phone number. So I said yes. She said that she will like to meet me via skype chat. I quickly said “no problem”. That was how we got to know ourselves, we always call each other, talk and chat on Facebook and WhatsApp.

After 2 months, she said she want me to come to Abuja, I thought it’s a joke. Until she asked me to send my account number for my flight to Abuja, and then I will come over to the UK. You know what? That was my first time to enter an airplane.

Truly, that was when I believed that dream come true.  On that faithful day, I met her in a well-furnished duplex in Wuse. She’s from the UK residing in Nigeria and working for the World Health Organization.

We have been intimate friends for 2 months now and my life has changed to better. But you know what? She’s not even that demanding or means as I was afraid she will be.

Every time we finished loving each other, she’s very happy that I satisfy her every time. She told me that she will take me back to the UK.

I am still young (only 23 years old) and my aim is to continue my education in the United Kingdom. Friends, She is treating me like gold and love me like never before.

But do you know what is amazingly beautiful about this? I got this connection for free! I did not pay any money to any agent or to That is what I love about this website.

I only submitted my phone number and a little brief description of myself, What I loved and my hobbies. Give it a try and you could be contacted by one. Share this post on social media let’s spread the word that is here to help us get connected.

My Advice To You.

please make sure you follow the instructions shared here. I didn’t to be too wise or anything, which is WHY I was selected.

To be chosen, you need to first click on the share button and share it on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Whattsapp.

What I observe is that Admin is not connecting those who did not share the post on social media. By sharing these posts on Social Media, you stand a better chance of getting connected with these Sugar Mummies. After that, Indicate your interest in the comments section. Write more about yourself.

Luckily she may contact you.

I did all this, and I was selected!

Stella Kennedy

Hi there, am Stella Kennedy. I provide this service to connect guys with their Sugar Mummy for free. I don't charge a dime for Real sugar Mummy Connections.

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